Shaken Faith

Written by Anya Sostek on .

Pittsburgh City Paper/Heather Mull

A fascinating cover story from Matt Stroud at the Pittsburgh City Paper about a Johnstown-area man in prison for shaking his son.

"I've done bad things," Joshua Miller admits, sitting inside a visiting room at the State Correctional Institute in Somerset. "People know I've done bad things."

But Miller, 33, maintains that he didn't do the worst thing he's been accused of — the thing that has landed him in prison. He did not, he says, shake his infant son Rhys until Thys' brain began to bleed one winter night three years ago.

A jury ruled otherwise, based in no small part on medical testimony by Dr. Janet Squires, a Pittsburgh-area pediatrician and a leading courtroom expert on "shaken-baby syndrome."


(photo: Pittsburgh City Paper/Heather Mull)

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