Party: Snow White Extravaganza

Written by Jennifer Lyker on .


Blogger: Jayesel, Cranberry

I started planning my daughter Maggie's fourth birthday party more than a month beforehand, because I knew my time (and energy!) was unpredictable. And the week before the party was filled with last minute trips to the craft store and party store and panicking about not having enough food for nearly 40 people, I mean, I’m glad everybody we invited can come but FORTY PEOPLE ZOMG!

I got a little stressed a few times, I’ll admit.

But seeing her face light up when she opened the Snow White dress that morning? And watching her play with her friends and dance and eat cake and yes, PRETEND TO EAT A POISONED APPLE AND DIE?

Worth it.

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Jennifer Lyker has two young girls, and juggles motherhood along with her freelance web design business. She thinks there is no such thing as too much cheese.

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