Indestructible dahlia thrives after stem is severed

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog indestructible dahlia2'Latin' dahlia from Longfield Gardens is blooming like crazy despite the stem being broken. Photos by Doug Oster

blog dahlia broken stem2Hard to believe this flower keeps blooming after the squirrels did this to the stem.When this 'Latin' dahlia from Longfield Gardens was planted near a bird feeder, I never thought the squirrels would try to use it as a launching pad to get to the seed.

They cracked the stem in two and I didn't have much hope for the flowers. I love dahlias, they are the queen of the summer garden and it's always fun to try a new variety.

These things have a way of getting forgotten as garden chores and life in general get in the way.

It wasn't until the yellow flowers started to bloom that I realized the plant was still viable. It's certainly not going to grow in the same manner, but hey, a flower is a flower.

'Latin' is filled with blooms which are great for cutting. I'll save the tuber in the fall, but those details are for a post when the weather gets cold.

The garden is always filled with surprises and seeing this flower thrive is certainly one of them.

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