Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford' explodes with color in the shade

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog britt6aThe yellow/orange daisy like flowers of 'Britt Marie Crawford' are wonderful to see this time of the year. Photos by Doug Oster

blog britt3Check out those deep purple stems supporting the flowers.The dark yellow flowers of ligularia 'Brit Marie Crawford' explode with color in the shade. I love this plant.

The deep green leaves are supported with purple stems and looks beautiful on its own. The yellow/orange flowers emerging now are the gravy.

The plant is indestructible, thrives in shade and enjoys a good watering once a week. This season's rain has made it very happy.

After the flowers fade, the seed heads will put on a show through fall and into winter.

I originally threw these plants under a big Japanese maple where they struggled for a few seasons. Once they were moved to where they could enjoy a little rainfall, the plants thrived.

Either this fall or next spring I'm going to move one or two of these to a new spot. It's great to have a plant hitting its stride this time of the year.

'Britt Marie Crawford' is a winner that should find its way into most shade gardens.

blog britt 6bThe plant is growing outside the vegetable garden along side large leaf hostas.




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