When squash attack!

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog spaghetti squashThe spaghetti squash that ate the garden!

It was one little spaghetti squash plant which ran wild in Olivia Walker's Finleyville garden. Her daughter Madison had planted it innocently enough, just hoping to see what this unique vegetable was all about. Peppers, cucumbers and onions were overrun by the vines as they conquered the garden. Olivia said, "It has TAKEN OVER. Is there ANY way we can prune this and not kill it, HELP!!!"

Anyone who has ever planted a vine crop like spaghetti squash knows how quickly they can carpet the garden, cover fences, homes and in rare cases the neighborhood children too.

Experienced squash growers have learned to be vine wranglers, training vines each day into paths and away from other plants. That was my advice to Olivia and Madison whose vines are filled with blossoms and fruit.

I also told them if the plant was just too much for the garden that the ends of each plant could be pruned without really negatively affecting the vine as a whole, but eventually the vines would continue to grow.

Beware the squash plant! It can devour the garden. A good lesson for planning next year's garden.



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