Tiny, baby toads fill the garden ready to eat slugs

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog tiny baby toadThis little brown toad was one of many my daughter caught on a Sunday afternoon. Others are a darker color, almost black. Photo by Doug Oster

For years I went without seeing toads in my garden, but for the last several years the landscape has been filled with them. It's fun to stumble on to them hopping between plants.

It was my daughter who noticed them, catching 10 the other day and releasing them back into the garden.

There's no doubt that toads are good for the garden. When they get a little bigger they will feast on slugs.
But they are also prey for snakes and other predators, creating a circle of life in the garden.

Warm wet conditions are perfect for toads and slugs alike, that's my guess why we're seeing so many toads the last few years.

One of the good reasons to have an organic garden is to perpetuate things like toads and other wildlife. Let nature create a balance and the gardener can sit back and watch, it's wonderful!

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