Torenia is an overlooked choice for shade

Written by Doug Oster on .

Blog torenia and caladiumsBlue torenia and dark pink caladiums. What do you think? Photo by Doug Oster

There's always that problematic area of the garden that doesn't get enough shade.

I hear about it from gardeners just about every day. Since most of my garden is shade, I've found some plants which work really well for me.

I'm growing plenty of impatiens, and I love them, but I'm always looking for something a little different.

Torenia and pretty little shade loving annuals that come in a variety of colors like pink, white and blue. They are easy to grow, but need deadheaded and some fertilizer to keep pumping out the flowers.

I don't see them used that much in landscapes, but they should be. They really love morning sun and afternoon shade too.

Don't pass by torenia when looking for something unique for that shady corner in the garden.


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