Tulips and grape hyacinths create the perfect combo

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog perfect combo2These 'Moulin Rouge' tulips bloom in consort with grape hyacinths make the perfect combination. The bulbs are from Longfield Gardens. Photos by Doug Oster

Sometimes things work out. These 'Moulin Rouge' tulips are blooming along with grape hyacinths and the combination puts a smile on my face.

It's tough to grow tulips in my landscape, the deer are everywhere and the flowers are one of their favorite foods.

But tulips are a must in the spring garden. I've found a way to grow them, by planting them inside the fenced vegetable garden.

The garden is no longer tilled, which is the trick. When these tulips and the other bulbs are finished, I'll just throw some compost down and plant tomatoes in the same place at the end of the month. Now I can revel in the beauty of the bulbs.

These 'Moulin Rouge' tulips and grape hyacinths, are magic together. The bulbs came from Longfield Gardens, I've been growing a bunch of their introductions of late.

I thought I would use them for cutting, but they are so beautiful now, it would just be wrong to change a thing.

When spring is cool, the tulips hang around in the garden longer. 'Moulin Rouge' is pretty with tight buds, but I can't wait to see them unfurl.

One of the fun parts of gardening is coming up with a plan in the fall and actually seeing it come to fruition the next season. In my case, I think it's a beautiful mistake when I see the tulips and hyacinths blooming perfectly together, but I'll take it.

When the tulips are done blooming, they will be deadheaded so the plant puts its energy into the bulb, not to make seeds.

Hopefully that will guarantee another wonderful show next spring.

blog perfect combo tight'Moulin Rouge' is a beautiful bi-colored triumph tulip.

blog perfect combo 3The picket fence behind the flower is the only thing stopping the deer from feasting on the tulips.




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