An hour in the life of a crocus, a feast for insects

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog flying right useA honeybee covered in pollen flies from on 'Pickwick' crocus to another. Photos by Doug Oster

The warmth of the spring sun shining on a patch of 'Pickwick' crocuses unfurled their blossoms inviting a host of insects to feast on pollen and nectar.

There were European honeybees, native bees, flies, hoverflies and things I couldn't identify. Some would enter from the side, pushing through the purple striped petals. Others flew into the center, crawling around inside covering themselves with pollen. The tiny flowers vibrated until the insect flew off with its bounty.

It was amazing to see how many different insects were lured to the flowers.

It's a good lesson for us gardeners, to spend some time observing the garden. You might be surprised at what you see, I was.

blog antanea

Blog  fly on side

Blog bee poking head out

blog hover behind

Blog tight crocus bee inside

blog fly on crocus huverfly in background



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