Plant pansies and violas for instant color (and happiness too)

Written by Doug Oster on .

Blog big pansy wat 414The vibrant colors of pansies are the perfect cure for the winter blues. Photos by Doug Oster

Pansies and violas offer an unending myriad of colors. They love cool weather, can be planted in containers or right in the garden. They bring happiness with every blossom.

Both plants are easy to grow. Be sure they get plenty of water and some liquid organic fertilizer every other week to keep them growing strong.

In my garden I fill as many containers as I can, mixing the pansies and violas at will. The front of the house is a rainbow of colors to great visitors. Many have a subtle, but wonderful fragrance too.

Since the flowers can take anything Mother Nature has left in her, they are the perfect choice to plant now.

I'm a cheap gardener (as you know) and I prefer to buy the plants in flats, it's the best bang for the buck. I did have to buy some of the 'Hip Hop' violas at Chapon's Greenhouse. They are sold in plastic pots and are pricey in comparison to buying a flat, but I love them, so I purchased four of them.

Get some pansies in the garden and soak in the beauty, it's guaranteed to make you smile.

blog hort viola 414Mixing violas like these with pansies makes a great combination.

blog pansy 040114In the foreground are 'Hip Hop' violas from Chapon's Greenhouse, I love them.

Blog vert viola 414'Hip Hop' violas have an interesting flower shape.

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