Snow crocus emerge bringing first color to the garden

Written by Doug Oster on .

As soft, warm rain fell, the unmistakable tight blue buds of the snow crocus pushed fall leaves aside beckoning spring.

The garden is shrouded in fog as temperatures slowly begin to fall. Gardeners were teased by one warm, sunny day, but the appearance of these tiny flowers confirms what we already know; winter is fading away. It's not going without a fight, but the arrival of snow crocus can do nothing but put a smile on your face and warm your heart.

The flowers bring a little color now, but are guarding their spectacular deep blue blossoms and orange anthers, waiting for the right time to unfurl. When they do, the bees will gorge on their first taste of pollen for the year.

On hands and knees, this gardener observed the little particles of dirt the buds brought with them as they reached towards the sun. The tip of one flower hinted at the color which was yet to come.

blog snow crocus 031214I used to be surprised by the arrival of snow crocus. Now I wait patiently to see the tight buds unfurl. Photos by Doug Oster

blog snow crocus tight 031214The flowers, covered with spring rain bring with them a little garden soil as they emerge.

blog snow crocus whats to comeThe tip of this blossom hints at what is to come for these beautiful flowers.



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