"How to Start Your Garden Now." Doug's lecture Monday 3/10, 5pm, Home and Garden Show

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blog sprouting peas in marchSprouting peas in peat pots is one way to get started early. Once they are up, there's nothing Mother Nature has in store which can stop them. Photo by Doug OsterMy first first thought for today's presentation at the Duquesne Light Home & Garden Show was, "Don't Start Gardening Too Early."

But after looking at the 10 day forecast, I decided, I'm going to plant some things tomorrow. If you happen to be going to the show today, stop by at 5 p.m. for my talk.

If not, I'll be filming the planting on Tuesday and you can see the results in the next Digging with Doug video on Saturday, it posts here. You can also see past episodes there too.

I might be crazy putting cool weather crops in the garden now, but I don't care. Usually things like spinach, lettuce and other greens survive all winter. I didn't get quite as much to overwinter as in past years, but there's still onions, spinach and other greens still out in the garden. I've got a lot of tricks to get things planted early. One thing I won't be doing is turning over the garden. It's way too wet and the soil structure will be ruined if I got in there with a shovel.

I've never started this early, but I'm throwing caution to the wind. I've got a good feeling though, regardless of the weather, I'm going to be successful.

Wish me luck!


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