Growing plants on the windowsill might keep you sane!

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blog window lettuceEvery morning I wake up to these lettuce, spinach and chive plants. Photos by Doug Oster

35 overallThese succulents grow in faux moss containers.Afternoon light streams through inside windows to illuminate beautiful, green plants. As the days get longer and the sun gets higher in the sky, windowsill planting is a great idea to try and keep us sane until the gardening season finally breaks.

It's been a tough winter which just won't quit. I've been filling my house with more plants to help me cope.

The latest planting is 'Black Seeded Simpson' lettuce along with chives and some spinach. I found a nice sized plastic planter which fits the space and also catches water in the bottom so I don't ruin the wood (again).

I've also had a wonderful time planting these cool faux moss planters. There's one which looks like a purse and another is a shoe.

Those are filled with interesting succulents. I use them in small containers because they don't require much care and they're beautiful.

There have also been a few new houseplants added (don't tell my wife). A new variegated pothos and  an old favorite, goldfish plant.

Everything came from Chapon's Greenhouse in Baldwin. Just walking around that place helps cure cabin fever.

I'm looking forward to the day when they can live outdoors in the shade, but that's still a few months away.

Since we're getting more light with longer days, it's time to fertilize indoor plants with a half strength, liquid organic fertilizer.

With more sun, the plants might need a little bit more water too. Most houseplants though are killed with kindness so get a good feel for how much water they require.

Although nothing can compare to working outside in the garden, there's solace in caring for plants which fill our homes. They are the prescription for sanity.

blog purseAbove is a purse of faux moss, below a high heeled shoe.

blog shoe window

blog window wideNot only are these houseplants pretty, they filter the air too.

blgo goldfish plant windowThis goldfish plant will enjoy the summer out in the garden and will bloom all season.




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