Color and beauty persist in the wet, winter garden

Written by Doug Oster on .

After a day of rain, cold weather looms to the west. Before it hit, I went out to explore the beauty the garden has to share year round.

Pansies and flowering kale are my go to plants for winter, but there are other things to look at if you take the time to notice.

I hope it dries out at some point, I've still got plenty of leaves to get off the garden which you can see in some of the photos.

This time of the year gardeners have to search for beauty, take some time and find it in your garden.

blog wet winter pansyIt's so wonderful to have a cold loving flower like pansies still blooming in the winter. Photos by Doug Oster

blog peiris budsJapanese pieris buds wait patiently for spring when they will be one of the first flowers to bloom.

blog kale dropFlowering kale is one of my "go to" plants for adding winter color to the garden.

blog barberries wetBarberry si considered by some to be an invasive weed, but the berries are pretty in the winter, especially after the snow flies.

blog lychen and needlesLichens seem to get more vibrant after a good rain. These are covering a stone on the way to the vegetable garden. I think they are beautiful.

blog rose hipA rose hip puts on a show when the flowers are no where to be seen.

blog puple greensIt's great to be able to pick salad greens during the winter. These are mixed greens in a cold frame.

blog ligularia seedsSeeds can be beautiful too. These are from ligularia.

blog dragonflyOne of the many inexpensive garden decorations I love.

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