Perennial flowered in April and has continued into November

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog corydalis still blooming in NovemberCorydalis lutea is the perfect perennial. Photo by Doug Oster

The tiny yellow flowers of corydalis lutea happily persist in the November garden. The plant started blooming in April, peaked in June and July and still manages to provide color.

I write about the plant a lot, it's my perfect perennial. During the season I spend more time writing about gardening than actually gardening. It's important to have a maintenance free plant like corydalis filling the garden with color.

It will grow in shade or full sun, gets about two feet tall out in the daylight and will form a nice colony in only a few seasons. Best of all it spreads by throwing seeds, not underground runners so it's not invasive.

Many perennials only bloom for a month or six weeks, growing something which comes back year after year and bloom longer than an annual is a miracle in my mind.

I love how the plant pops up each spring in unexpected places like containers, cracks and crevices and even in the vegetable garden 800 yards away.

If you could find some plants at a nursery, they would be cheap and could be planted now. I saw some at Hahn Nursery in Ross Township.

I couldn't imaging having a garden without corydalis.

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