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oster stink bug photoStink bugs eat just about everything in the garden. They are an invasive pest which researchers are trying to discover how to control. Photo by Doug Oster

Mother Earth News is a great magazine with a storied history of spreading the word about sustainable growing.

They need your help in trying to figure out stink bugs. They are gathering data to find the most effective control methods for the pest.

Please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey below.

Stink bug survey.

Here's the complete news release-


Publication aims to understand insect’s behavior and find effective control methods


TOPEKA, Kan. (Oct. 25, 2013) – The brown marmorated stink bug is on the move, now wreaking havoc in gardens and homes from the mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest. With temperatures dropping, the bugs invade homes and buildings to bed down for the winter.


Mother Earth News, the leading publication dedicated to sustainable living, today launches an online survey to better understand the insect’s behavior and track effective control measures.


The Mother Earth News Stink Bug Survey covers factors such as house size and color, and characteristics of surrounding land.


Most Mother Earth News readers garden organically, so a better understanding of brown marmorated stink bug behavior is essential to helping them manage this pest. In heavily infested areas such as Maryland and northern Virginia, the bugs threaten a long list of vegetables, including beans, tomatoes and cabbage family crops. Ripening blackberries or peaches can be invaded overnight.


“Millions of gardeners and homeowners face aggravation from brown marmorated stink bugs, and thousands of those folks have tried innovative techniques for dealing with them. We wanted to set up a way for people to compare the results of their efforts,” says Cheryl Long, editor in chief of Mother Earth News.


Property damage caused by brown marmorated stink bugs is also covered in the Mother Earth News Stink Bug Survey.


“We’ve heard reports of damaged office equipment and vehicles with air filters clogged by stink bugs. The survey will help reveal where to look for problems before the bugs cause costly repairs,” Long says.


Noting that consumer reviews of purchased stink bug traps are consistently poor, the survey also asks questions about how the traps were used.


“The updated pheromone lures used in commercial stink bug traps should be quite effective, so we hope to help figure out why they’re not giving better results. The devil could be in the details of where and when you set them out,” Long says. “Or, they could be a waste of money.”

The survey will remain open so participants can see what others have said about different control methods they have tried.

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