10 reasons for gardeners to love chickens

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog eggs IIChicken eggs still warm from the coop are amazing. Photos by Doug Oster

10 reasons for gardeners to love chickens-

Their fresh eggs are amazing and chickens lay more than you can use. Once you taste these, store bought eggs are always disappointing.

Chickens are easy to care for. Give them food, water, shelter and a place to run and they will be happy.

Raising chickens is a great activity for children. Like the garden, a chicken coop can teach lots of life lessons.

blog chickens 25Chickens are pretty.City chickens have names. They are pets in our garden, but would be good eating if you were so inclined. As they age, the amount of eggs they lay decreases, but that's OK.

They don't smell...much. Keep the coop clean, add pine shavings as needed and there's no odor problem. Although maybe it's like the guy who works at a gas station. He can't smell the gas anymore.

Chickens make a great soil additive and plenty of it. The manure needs to be composted for a year and will make plants happy.

The birds are great at controlling lots of bugs. Some gardeners have a portable coop called a chicken tractor which is placed in the garden and moved every day or so. The chickens eat pests and leave some fertilizer.

They will eat just about anything left over from the kitchen. It's another way to recycle.

Chickens are beautiful. From the simplest breeds to the wildest looking feathers, they look amazing.

Maybe most importantly, the birds are stress relievers. They are quiet and make calming noises which is relaxing. There's nothing like sitting with a handful of scratch (a type of feed which is a treat) and letting chickens eat out of your hand as they talk to each other.

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