Secret garden world revealed in photos

Written by Doug Oster on .

Every season there comes a time when I'm compelled to lie on my ample belly and discover what's happening in the garden at ground level.

Much of the activity goes unseen as we walk by occasionally glancing down.

There's beauty, adventure and mystery hidden right before our eyes.

Even weeds or plants we don't grow for their flowers can look beautiful under close inspection.

Before the frost hits, take a minute to see what's happening down low in your garden.

blog yellowjacket cu3A yellow jacket hangs on sideways to a plant early in the morning. Now you can see why they are so painful. First they will grab on with those mandibles and then start stinging over and over again. Photos by Doug Oster

blog bumblback pollen3A bumblebee spent the night on a dahlia. The bee is covered in yellow pollen.

blog cool orange eyed bugThis fascinating little bug is only a quarter inch long and was happy to sit for a portrait.

blog dahlia aphidcu 2I think this is an aphid inside a red dahlia.

blog dahlia little white 2Can you see the little white insect with red eyes in this photo of a dahlia bud? I didn't even know it was there when I shot the picture.

blog anemone cu2Anemone

blog arugula sproutArugula

blog baby cucumberBaby cucumber

blog seedling emerges cuSprouting green

blog seed sproutsUncovered seed begins to germinate.

blog weed cu2A weed

blog wood aster cuWood aster

blog coleus cuColeus flower


blog lambs quartersBristled knotweed


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