Prototype wasp and hornet trap works

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog rescue trapThese TrapStiks caught lots of yellow jackets from a nest in the garden. I left them in place for a week before spraying the nest. Photo by Doug Oster

While visiting Quebec City for the Garden Writers Association's annual symposium I saw an interesting exhibit from Rescue.

I already use their stink bug traps with much success, but I was fascinated with TrapStik, a prototype wasp and hornet trap.

I usually never worry about yellow jackets, hornets or wasps unless I encounter a nest near the garden.

This season yellow jackets made a nest inside a rotating compost bin right in the garden. It was a precarious spot and no one could walk by the nest for fear of feeling the wrath of the wasps.

I talked with the people at Rescue and they were happy to send me traps along with two cans of WHY spray. It's an organic way to kill the nest.

They recommended placing three TrapStik traps around the nest to deplete it, and then to use the Why spray.

The traps are sticky on the outside and lure the pest to them visually. The trap is covered with bright green patterns Rescue calls "Visalure" technology.

As you can see from the picture above, they worked. When I opened the compost bin to use the Why spray the nest was dead in seconds. I can still use the compost because the ingredients in the spray are all organic. The spray also repels the remaining yellow jackets (called foragers) who weren't in the nest when it was sprayed. They are confused by the smell left behind and don't try to rebuild the nest.

Now I could pick my pole beans and plant some more seeds close to the rotating compost bin without worry.

The spray is available now, the traps come out next summer and will only be about $8.

Wasps and yellow jackets have an important role in nature, but when they collide with us in the garden, something needs to be done for our safety.

I'm glad I had organic products to reach for instead of dousing the garden with chemicals.



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