Homemade deer repellent works!

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blog daylilies liveLast year, Stephanie Waite didn't get to see her prized daylilies bloom. Photo by Stephanie Waite

Last year I ran into a man at a speaking engagement who needed to talk to me. He had discovered an amazing, homemade deer repellent used at a daylily farm he was acquainted with. I posted the recipe on my blog and many people thanked me as they were able to enjoy tulips, hostas and other plants the deer love.

A few days ago, a Facebook friend posted the photo above. Stephanie Waite of Brighton Heights was thrilled with the results of a mixture of Bitter Apple for dogs and Wilt-Pruf.

The Bitter Apple is used to stop puppies from chewing on things, the Wilt-Pruf is sprayed on trees before winter to keep them healthy during the cold season.

Here's Stephanie's story-

"My daylilies are probably my favorite flower and I was heartbroken last summer when deer ate all of my flowers.

I live in Brighton Heights and my boyfriend didn't believe it was deer doing the damage. I told him there was no way a raccoon could eat a whole patch of daylilies four feet above the ground.

I've seen deer on my street, at the end of my street and crossing Brighton Road. Anyway, when I had a "chomping" while the plants were still growing early this summer, I knew I had to take action.

I was scouring the internet looking for motion-sensor alarms and fences, then discovered your remedy of Bitter Apple and Wilt-Pruf. My daylilies weren't touched all summer! The spray didn't seem to affect the blooms at all. I resprayed a few times after hard rain has fallen. I could not be happier to have a full season of un-chomped daylilies!"

The Bitter Apple is available at pet supply stores, Stephanie ordered the product online. The Wilt-Pruf can be purchased at any good nursery.

Here's the recipe-

Mix four parts Bitter Apple for dogs with one part Wilt-Pruf and spray it all over the plants.

I hope the mixture will finally let the garden be enjoyed by hard working gardeners and not the deer.

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