Old watering can transformed into pretty flower pot

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blog watering can flowersHere's a fun gardening project. The dusty miller is supposed to look like water coming out of the spout. What do you think? Photos by Doug Oster

Friends and family know a secret about me, I can't throw anything away. You'll never be allowed to see my two car garage either. My wife squeezes her Ford Escape into crowded space each night.

It's filled with a multitude of benches, swings, pond liners and other fantasy projects for the garden. Many have sat untouched for a decade.

A few years ago this old watering can gave up, a crack formed along a seam about three quarters of the way up. That's not the best thing for a watering can, but it's great for a flower pot as drainage is the most important thing for a container.

I left the can as a decoration on the front porch (with my wife's permission of course). That spring my daughter spent a morning picking daffodils, filled the can up as far as it would go and made a beautiful, but rustic vase.

It inspired me to use the old can as a container for flowers.

I drilled some hole in the bottom for better drainage, filled it with planting mix and had a vision of what it could be.

I knew the impatiens would thrive, they are tough, but the dusty miller coming out of the spout was a question mark.

The spout was jammed with moist planting mix all the way to the end. It was important that mix made contact with the dirt in the main part of the can. When the large mass of mix is watered, the spout would suck up some moisture too.

The root ball was carefully trimmed and then gently pushed it into the spout. I think it looks like water coming out of the spout.

More than one visitor said it would never work, and I wondered myself if the dusty miller would survive.

Three months later it's a fun little planter which we often put on the outdoor dining table when guests visit. Some love it...some not so much.

Most importantly, we think it's wonderful!

SCG DAFFS IN A CAN1Here's a look at what my daughter used the watering can for a few years ago.


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