Cheap and easy way to rabbit proof the garden

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog rabbit proofThe combination of 12 gauge wire and some deer netting will keep the bunnies from feasting on beans. Photo by Doug Oster

Even though my garden is fenced, the bunnies have found their way in. It was worse about a month ago when they were so small they could just slip through the chicken wire.

After harvesting the garlic, I planted some beans sent to me from a reader. I have no idea what the variety is, but that's the fun part.

Since beans are a rabbit's favorite food, I wanted to protect the bed itself.

12 gauge wire is easy to find at the hardware store and it's cheap too. I use it to create mini greenhouses for the my beds for cool season growing. In this case I make an hoop house using deer netting.

The beans are happy and safe.

Can't wait to start picking some of these bean in the next few weeks.

I've also had good luck spraying my plants with Hot Pepper Wax and Repels All. Both are non-toxic and can be used on food crops.

This has been a bad year for rabbits, maybe because all of the rain.

With a few tweaks in the garden, the bunnies can be happy and the gardening can too.

Do go all Elmer Fudd on them, remember him singing, "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit."

Bunnie are the easiest of the four legged pests to control, and remember, they are just doing what bunnies do.

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