The honey harvest, one of the reasons to keep bees

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog honey harvest 723We used every jar in the house for the first harvest of the season. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate and we'll get another harvest in the fall. Photo by Doug Oster

It's my third year as a beekeeper and I could be happier with the results. The bees keep all the flowers and veggies happy through pollination and also keep our friends and family happy with all the honey they produce.

blog doug honeyThe honey harvest.The first harvest of the year yielded gallons(above). My wife collected every jar in the house and I bought a case of small jars too.

Frames from the hive are put into an extractor which uses centrifugal force to remove the honey.

The key to learning beekeeping is having a mentor. Mine is Steve Repasky from Burgh Bees.

It takes time to learn bee biology.

There's a special feeling when that honey is being harvested, the sweet smell of all that honey is wonderful to experience.

Just like most things which are harvested out of the garden, giving away the bounty is as fun as using it. The little jars will be gifts for our friends. There's just nothing like "real" honey. Once you've had it, you can't go back to the pasteurized, homogenized stuff sold in many stores.

Track down local honey, you'll be glad you did.


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