Try something different like lacecap hydrangeas

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog lacecap'Lucy' is the name I've given this hydrangea..why? Who knows why. Photos By Doug Oster

I wish I knew the name of this lacecap hydrangea in my garden, but those kind of things happen.
It's been recorded somewhere in my garden journal, I just can't find it.

Sometimes it's enough just to enjoy the beauty of the plant even when you don't know its name. I'm going to call this one Lucy, for not particular reason, but now it has a name.

Lacecaps are from the same family as mopheads (Hydrangea macrophylla) and needs the same care. In other words, it doesn't bloom easily in our climate.

The key for me has been surrounding the plants with burlap at the end of the season to protect the buds from freezing out.

I feed the plant in the spring with an organic granular fertilizer and since doing both of those things, the plant blooms like a champ.

This plant is in dappled shade and is the star of the bed.

The flowers start as tightly bunched rosettes and then mature as purple frilly blooms. The outside petals start to show signs of pink as they age.

I'm going to plant more this fall, I love them.

better lacecapCheck out a tight shot of the center of the lacecap before blooming.


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