Simple project, convert old fountain into planter

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog converted fountainThis fountain is converted to a planter in a woodland garden. Photo by Doug Oster

This fountain was rescued from a nursery. It was leaking and I figured I could fix it. It worked great last season after doing some patch work.

The winter was not kind to the composite material and I didn't think I could get it to consistently hold water.

Since it won't hold water, that means it will have good drainage.

Since it's cracked and not the prettiest looking thing, it was added to a woodland seating area, but kept far enough away as to not allow close inspection.

The basin was filled with good planting mix. Next were the plants, impatiens and coleus.

When frost arrives at the end of the season, it will be planted again with pansies which will bloom well into winter.

There's something wonderful about recycling pots, planters and even fountains resurrected for at least a few more seasons.


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