A love affair with the rain, one gardener's story

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog rainy bonfire'Bonfire' begonias are one of my favorite plants for containers. I love to watch the rain drops gather at the tips of the flowers. Photo by Doug OsterI love falling asleep to the sound of soft summer rain and waking to the same. There's something about the comforting sound of raindrops which makes me smile. For me, this has been a great start to summer. It's a joy to see the garden so lush.

I've heard my friends complaining, the news anchors cleverly bantering read lots of Facebook posts about the dreary weather.

But this gardener is rejoicing at all the moisture. There's nothing like a good rain, or two, or nine.

It certainly beats the alternative, drought is depressing, even for just a few weeks.

There are down sides like fungal issues and slugs, but those pale in comparison to what these slow soaking rains will do to make our plants thrive.

I was on KDKA's Pittsburgh Today Live last week professing my love of gray, rainy days. Jon Burnett said I didn't have sense enough to get out of the rain, he's right. I love working in the garden when it's raining. No one else is out, it's quiet and is the perfect time to plant or move things around. While most people are bummed the rain keeps them inside, I'm sad when I can't get out into the rain and work.

I stood out in the garden this morning and watched as the flowers danced in the rain. A 'Bonfire' begonia hung on to a raindrop as long as it could. Then without warning the droplet fell to the ground below. The action was repeated again and again.

Let it rain, I'm loving every minute of it.


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