A close look at the garden; Spiders, insects and flowers

Written by Doug Oster on .

I was actually out in the garden to look for my pruners. Then I saw something I thought I should get a photo of. That turned into a half hour of shooting close-ups.

I love getting close to the flowers and bugs in the garden.

Every day there's something beautiful happening right under our noses.

Take time to sit and enjoy the garden...close up!

blog common dayflowerThis is a weed called common dayflower. Photos by Doug Oster

blog spider 1A spider among the daylilies.

blog close beeA beautiful bee in the perennial garden.

blog close hosta blossomA hosta flower about to bloom.

blog close clematisClematis 'Niobe.'

blog close daddy eats beeDaddy long legs eats a still quivering honey bee.

blog bambooA copper colored insect on bamboo.

blog begoniaBegonia.

blog close alliumAllium seed pods.

blog close flySome kind of fly in the perennial bed.

blog close kalmiaMountain laurel in bloom.

blog coleus bugAnother type of fly on a coleus.

blog foxgloveI love foxglove.

blog salviaSalvia 'May Night' is a winner in my garden.

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