Pure white hosta! Red stemmed variety too.

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog white feather'White Feather' is a novelty hosta with a bad reputation. I might have to learn the hard way on this one. Photos by Doug Oster

These are two of the most spectacular hostas I saw at the 100th Chelsea Flower Show in London. They were at the Bowden Hosta display, although I can't find 'White Feather' on their web site. They don't ship to the U.S.

'White Feather' is pure white and eventually fades to green. You can see a little bit of green on one of the inside leaves.

It has a reputation as being fussy. The slugs are said to adore it and the leaves are thin. One of the gardeners on the London tour told me he grew it and 'White Feather' didn't stay white long and would burn up if it got any sun whatsoever. He did not recommend growing the plant in our climate.

I'd never seen anything like it and might just need to try. Here's a mail order source stateside.

blog fire islandRed stems and chartreuse foliage, what's not to like?

'Fire Island' was another hosta which took my breath away. I love the red petioles and chartreuse leaves. This type of hosta is best planted up high so the red color can be enjoyed.

It has a better reputation as a good grower either in full shade or morning sun and afternoon shade.

The Hosta Farm carries this one too and a reasonable price.


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