Four lined plant bug is ravaging herbs and other plants

Written by Doug Oster on .

log 4 lined 2These three four lined plant bugs are making my anemone look terrible. I'm just waiting them out until they stop feeding. Photo by Doug Oster

Yesterday at 6:30am I sat in front of the computer with my radio partner Jessica Walliser looking over my shoulder.

We were looking at my Facebook feed as a friend asked me to identify a garden pest.

I'm very familiar with the four lined plant bug, but since Jess is a bug expert, I wanted to know what the best line of defense was against the insect.

At this point in the season, the pest is almost done feeding, she says, the carnage will be over soon.

Since the damage to plants is just cosmetic, I'm going to wait it out. They attack lots of herbs, anemone, agastache and many other plants.

The best control is treating early when the pest is in the nymph stage. Insecidical soap will kill them. Since it's too late for that, the next best control is squashing them. They are quick, so go out in the morning when it's still cool and get to work.

Their favorite plant is mint, a trap crop would hopefully lure them away from your favorites.




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