I love you Gertrude Jekyll

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog gertrude'Gertrude Jekyll' is my favorite rose, named for a favorite garden writer. Photo by Doug Oster

Gertrude Jekyll was an amazing gardener, garden designer and writer from England who passed away in 1932.

She created over 400 gardens around the world and her books are legendary, inspiring gardeners for decades.

That's why this rose is named for her. It's tough, beautiful, fragrant and will even bloom in my part shade garden. When I visited Wisley Gardens in England one of the garden designers there commented on the plant. Some say it doesn't flower as much as others, but this gardener remarked on its vigor and plentiful blooms.

I fell in love with the author after reading Colour in the Flower Garden. It's filled with wonderful ideas any gardener can use.

When I discovered the rose, it was a must for the garden.

I've moved it once to try and get more sun for the plant and if I had the proper light, I'm sure it would thrive.

The perfume of this rose wafts through the air on summer nights and it's intoxicating.

The old-fashioned flower form is stunning.

'Gertrude Jekyll' is my favorite rose. When it blooms, I often root through my garden library to peruse one of her books. Each time, I learn something new. Now that's inspiration.


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