Sweet allysum attracts the good bugs (who will eat the bad bugs)

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog sweet allysumSweet allysum brings in the good bugs. Photo by Doug OsterSweet allysum is just one plant which will attract beneficial insects.

This easy to grow annual comes in a few colors, most popular are white and purple.

Ladybugs love the flowers and will mate around the plant. As their eggs hatch the hungry larvae will feed on aphids.

If you have a plant which gets aphids every season, plant allysum close by for a cheap, beautiful organic control.

My garden is filled with allysum and other plants to bring in the good bugs.

Dill, oregano, thyme, fennel and many other varieties will attract beneficial insects.

Organic gardening practices are a must as we don't want to kill the good bugs. Did you know over 90 percent of insects in the garden are either benign or good for the garden?

When you let the good bugs eat the bad bugs, yo're perpetuating the cycle of nature.


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