Perfect time to divide hostas

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog o430 hosta sproutI love to split hostas just before the unfurl. If you don't get to it, dont' worry, they are tough and can be split any time. Photo by Doug OsterSpring is a great time to split hostas. I try to get to them before they unfurl, but it doesn't always work out that way. The spring garden has many demands as you know.

I like to move a piece of a favorite to another bed. It's fun to increase the hostas in the garden.

There's a couple ways to do it. If the plant is huge and has never been divided, the whole thing can be dug out and cut into four pieces or more depending on the size.

If that seems too drastic, just cut a piece off the side. When I'm rushed that's what I'll do.

Always have the planting hole ready so the hosta is out of the ground for the shortest time. Fill it with compost of some other organic matter.

This is a great job on a overcast day. If it can't wait, dig at the end of the day. The transplant will have time overnight to get settled.

Always water in a plant which has been moved and give it a littl extra love for the first month.

Hostas are tough and respond well to transplanting.

I just love getting more free plants!

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