Fragrant daffodil smells like gardenias. Put 'Sir Winston Churchill' on your fall planting list.

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog horz sir winston 42913'Sir Winston Churchill' daffodil is beautiful and fragrant. Photos by Doug Oster

I can't remember how I discovered 'Sir Winston Churchill' daffodil.

It's been growing in my garden for 10 years and add some bulbs each season. It's a late bloomer, long bloomer and smells like gardenias.

The multi-flowering stems are sturdy happily holding the blooms erect. Many daffodils will thrive with a little shade, but 'Sir Winston Churchill' is better off planting out in the open.

 Even though the trees aren't fully leafed out when they flower, the foliage is looking for full sun.

The fragrance is intoxicating and when planted in mass a spring breeze will fill the air with the most marvelous aroma.

Fall might seem like a long way off, but as I constantly preach, gardeners should be planning right now for bulb season. This is when you can see what's missing.

Put 'Sir Winston Churchill' on your planting list for the end of the season. Next spring you'll be rewarded with beautiful flowers which will fill and vase and then in turn, the house with the smell of gardenias.

bee on sir winstonThis honey bee knows, the fragrance of 'Sir Winston Churchill' daffodil is intoxicating.

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