Tulips will make you smile

Written by Doug Oster on .

Blog bug on tulip

Nothing compares to the spring garden. Tulips are the stars and even though they will fade away in favor of perennials and annuals, these flowers make us smile.

White tulips are thriving in the vegetable garden. It's the perfect place for them to grow as I don't feel any guilt when I cut them for a vase. If they were out in the flower garden, I would be reticent to cut them because they add so much to the landscape.

I've stopped tilling the garden, just adding compost when I plant. The vegetable garden is fenced, the tulips can grow unmolested by deer.

When they are done, tomatoes will be next.

Sitting in the spring garden is something everyone should do, and I wish I did it more. From a chair in the corner of the garden I watched as those white tulips swayed in a gentle breeze. Then I noticed an insect on one of the flowers. For 20 minutes it just sat there, happy to be photographed.

Tulips come in many shapes and sizes. They are the stars of the garden right now and open the door for the long season which awaits.

blog striped tulip

blog backlit tulip

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