Glory of snow is a winner in the garden

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog glory of snow 0416It only took a few years for Glory of Snow to make this colony. Photo by Doug Oster

Sometimes there's a plant that is so carefree and wonderful I want to shout about it from the top of the rooftop.

Chionodoxa forbesii or Glory of Snow is one of those plants.

It's a small bulb planted in the fall that naturalizes easily. It's great to plant with daffodils, both bloom around the same time.

I started with only 15 bulbs a few years ago and now have a great colony of the plant.

Like most small spring bulbs they are only around for a couple of weeks depending on the weather, but they area star when they bloom.

There are several cultivars including another I grow called 'Pink Giant.' I like it, but it's not a tough at forbesii. It's something a little different and will naturalize, not with the fervor of forbesii. Here's a look at some other varieties from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.

Make a note to plant Glory of Snow, you'll enjoy the pretty blue blossoms every spring for decades to come.

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