Love your moss!

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog moss1 0407A carpet of moss is beautiful. Photos by Doug Oster

This is the time of the year I start getting calls on the Sunday morning radio show about moss.
When we see it in the lawn, it's an indication that the soil pH and fertility are probably off.

In that case, we get a soil test and figure out what needs to change and how to go about making the change.

But there's something else to consider. Moss is beautiful. My neighbor has Japanese garden and he tries hard to get moss to grow in between the plants.

If you take some time, getting down on your hands and knees, you can enjoy the amazing variety and beauty of the plant. If it was rare, we would work hard to have it in our gardens.

Love your moss!

blog moss 2 0407I love to get down on my hands and knees to look at something as pretty as this moss.

blog moss feather 0407I found this feather and some sunflower hulls under the bird feeder, laying on some moss.

blog moss 4 seedsThese strange looking growths are one way mosses reproduce.

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