Thinking ahead to next Easter; Great deal on daffodil bulbs

Written by Doug Oster on .

the works'The Works' is a wonderful mixture of daffodils from White Flower Farm. They are offing them for a deal, order now, plant in the fall when the bulbs are shipped. Photo courtesy of White Flower Farm

I was surprised to see something about fall bulb planting from White Flower Farm in my e-mail this morning.

They were advertising one of my favorite mixes, 'The Works.'

I started planting that mixture nearly 15 years ago trying to duplicate Daffodil Hill from Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. It was on a visit to the cemetery as a young boy to visit the graves of my grandparents in which is was profoundly affected by all the blooms on that hill.

'The Works' is a great way to add lots of good bulbs and they're on sale now for fall planting.

This is a great time to plan bulb planting season, we can see where the daffodils are needed. I'm always writing down where the bulbs are coming up in the spring, and more importantly, where they aren't. Now I'll know where to plant when the time is right.

Here are the details.

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