Consider the lily and other Easter plants; stretch a little

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blog lily bud 330Easter lilies don't have to be white. This pink one from Chapon's Greenhouse in Baldwin has a sweet aroma when it opens. I like to buy lilies when the buds are closed, they last longer inside. Photos by Pam Panchak

The Easter lily is the number one choice for a seasonal indoor plant to celebrate the holiday, but there are lots of other cool choices too.

Lets talk lilies first. I like to pick plants which are just budding, but not open yet. They will last longer inside that way. They don't have to be white either, I have a pretty pink one with a sweet aroma.

Plant the lily in the garden in a few weeks. They will come back year after year, blooming in June or July instead of at Easter.

Hyacinths offer the fragrance of spring. They will fill a room with thier wonderful aroma. They can be planted outside when the blooms fade and will return next spring.

I bought some wonderful mums at Chapon's Greenhouse in Baldwin. I have no idea what the variety is, but the blooms are beautiful in pink and white.

blog mum 330I have no idea what this mum is called except beautiful.

All indoor plants should be kept a little on the dry side, but be sure they get the water they need.

blog strawberries and cream 330'Strawberries and Cream' is a pretty indoor hydrangea. It's going to be one of my experiments this season.

I've fallen in love with Strawberries and Cream hydrangea. It's available at independent garden centers and box stores too. This plant is bred for indoor growing, but is hardy to zone 7. That's a little warmer than our climate, we're zone 5/6. I'm putting mine out in the garden in May. I'll plant it in a container and bring it in to an unheated greenhouse for the winter. I I cross my fingers, it will come back next spring.

I love to visit local nurseries, greenhouses and garden centers to find interesting and different plants for the holiday windowsill.

blog hyacinth 330I don't think there's anything which compares to the perfume of hyacinths.




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