Why do you garden?

Written by Doug Oster on .

Oster Daffs 0322Double daffodils make me smile. It's definitely one of the reason I garden. Photo by Doug Oster

Why do you garden?

Seems like a pretty straightforward question, but it has a thousand answers.

With the first day of spring arriving tomorrow I wondered what it is which compels us to garden.

I can't answer the question. It would take pages.

OK, I'll try. It's everything. Being outside, being away from our crazy world, putting my hands in the cold earth, smiling as things grow and scratching my head when they don't.

So, why do you garden? Answer in the comments section below and maybe we can discuss it tomorrow too.

I'll be holding my first live web chat of the season on Wednesday 3/20/13 at 1p.m. to talk about gardening. Just click on the link off the Post-Gazette's web page.

Lets talk about why we garden, what we plant and I'll answer questions too. Most importantly, we'll have fun. Maybe that's why I's fun.



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