Trees and shrubs weighted down with snow; Here's what to do

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog snowy bird 2Branches from these hemlock trees are weighted down with late winter snow. The cardinal doesn't mind, he's just waiting his turn at the bird feeder. Photos by Doug Oster

blog big tree snowThere's no sense trying to knock the snow off a big evergreen like this, it will be fine.Trees and shrubs laden with heavy wet snow can be alarming to gardeners.

It's best to step back and take a wait and see attitude for them.

You can do more damage by trying to knock the snow off of the branches.

Temperatures over the next couple days will melt what's there and then it's time to examine the landscape for damage.

If branches are broken they can be pruned back to the trunk. Pruning is an art and a science so take your time.

If the branch is longer than two or three feet make two cuts. One about a foot from the trunk and then another close to the tree or shrub. Leave about a quarter inch stub.

If one cut was made close to the tree the branch could tear bark off as it's removed...make sense?

Trees and shrubs are resilient, have seen snow like this before and for the most part will be fine.

blog crushed grassThis tall ornamental grass was crushed by the snow. In a few days it will actually right itself. Just in time to be cut to the ground for spring.

If you don't have to leave home, enjoy a snow like this. It will be gone in a day or two and the plants should be back to normal as the snow falls off the branches.

Check out this sad statue pining for spring.

blog sad statueThis poor little guy doesn't like the snow. Don't be sad, you'll be looking over blooming bulbs before you know it.



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