Teasing crocus, sprouting sedum and emerging daffs; the brass ring of spring is just an inch away

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog teasing crocus1The snow crocus holds its cards tight to the vest until the weather is just right. Photos by Doug Oster

As snow looms the afternoon garden shows signs of spring.

The tight bud of the snow crocus will only open when the time is right. It's such a tease.

For weeks the flower has shown color, but covered the pretty orange anthers until ready.

blog teasing crocus2Teasing, teasing, teasing, I wish you would bloom.

Sedum is one of the first plants to appear through the frozen soil and even though it won't bloom until summer, it's welcome sight for sure.

blog sprouting sedumSedum waits to explode with growth.

Regardless of what Mother Nature's wrath has in store, these plants will wait it out, just like all of us gardeners.

The fat buds of double daffodil emerge holding their beauty inside. But there just seeing green is beautiful enough for today.

blog emerging daffsGreen is beautiful, the blooms will be magnificent.

At this point in the season we're riding the merry go round, leaning and stretching to reach the brass ring which represents spring.

A few more times around and we'll be able to grab hold.


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