Snowdrops blooming! Make a note of it.

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blog super tight snowdropThere's nothing like a pretty white snowdrop beginning to open on a sunny winter day. Photos by Doug Oster

Snowdrops are the harbinger of spring. If you don't grow them, now is the time to plan on buying some bulbs to plant in the fall.

Most of mine are planted in the front of the house facing south west. The proximity to the brick facing of my home warms the soil a littler sooner than out in the garden, forcing the bulbs to bud early

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, the tiny white blossoms begin to open.

blog overall snowdropSnowdrops make a nice colony after only a few seasons. They are one of the only bulbs which like to be split while in the green, right after blooming.

I might seem funny to think about planting in September, but this is the time to make a list of plants which will extend the show in the garden.

A garden journal is an indispensable tool. I'm looking over the garden now deciding where I need more snowdrops. If I don't write it down, I'll have no idea where when it comes to planting time. I wrote A Gardener's Notebook to fill the roll of a journal for gardeners, but any notebook would work. I'm old school and like to use pen and paper, but there's nothing wrong with keeping records electronically too.

As spring progresses along with the garden, it's easy to recognize where more crocus, daffodils, tulips and other early bloomers are needed.

A garden journal filled with stories of success and failure is a great read this time of the year as another endless winter drags on. Even though all the garden information is important, my journal has become a diary filled with daily entries which seem uneventful until read a year or even decade later. The little details of life can become fascinating with time.

Hopefully the garden journal becomes a legacy for the next generation to learn who you are.

Today snowdrops are the star of the garden. If they were to bloom in July we wouldn't care, but now gardeners need to see flowers. At least I do.

Standing over a colony of snowdrops, garden journal in hand is a spring ritual which will probably be repeated until I'm planted in the garden. I better jot that down.


blog snowdrop 22513Where do you need more snowdrops next season? Write it down in your garden journal now, you'll never remember.

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