My friend the red-bellied woodpecker; lots of bird photos too

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog Red Belly spread for JoanA red-bellied woodpecker takes off from the bird feeder after snagging on of the Cole's Suet Pearls. Photos by Doug Oster

As the days get longer we begin to hear the birds calling to their mates.

Each morning as the sun crawls above the horizon, the singing begins. These are sounds we only hear in the spring and tuned in gardeners know it means the planting season is right around the corner.

It's the shrill sound of the red-bellied woodpecker though which makes me smile the most.

Each spring the call echoes in the forest as the bird flits from tree to tree searching for both a mate and a few insects to enjoy for breakfast.

Gardeners should always encourage the birds by providing water, food and shelter for them. They will visit feeders in the winter and make the yard part of their foraging route. In the spring when they give birth, the birds will feed their young with tasty insects out of the garden.

When the weather turns cold I love to give my birds a treat. I put a bag of Cole's Suet Pearls on the top of the feeder and watched as the birds feasted on the pearls which provide energy for them.

As the sun peaked through the clouds I couldn't help but photograph the birds as the enjoyed the Suet Pearls.

It was fun to watch and I hope the birds stick around to help me deal with pests in the garden.

blog Best Red Belly jet fighter for joanOn another visit to the feeder, the red-bellied woodpecker flies off to enjoy a Suet Pearl.



blog vertical tit mouse with suet pearlA tufted titmouse grabs a Suet Pearl.

blog junco1 for joanWinter will be over when the juncos migrate. I love watching them feed along the ground and enjoy treats from the feeder.

blog titmouse take off good for joanA tufted titmouse takes off from the feeder.

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