The First Crocus

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog first crocus 0213The annual appearance of this pretty crocus hopefully signals the waning of winter. Photo by Doug Oster

There is nothing like the first emerging crocus, just look at it. It's only a few inches tall, but is a feast for the eyes. The color explodes in the garden.

All this flower needs is a little sun and it will open, exposing colorful anthers which sing in the breeze.

Every year, it's thrilling to see this deep blue flower sprouting. Funny thing is, it's always a surprise.

This pretty bloom has been greeting me at the end of winter for nearly 15 years, yet I forget it even exists until a day like today.

When the crocus arrives, I'm overjoyed.

While laying on the cold ground photographing the flower I heard my friend the red bellied woodpecker starting its mating calls wating for an answer. I hear that wonderful call all spring as the bird flits though the trees around the garden as the first seeds are pushed into the soil.

Just like the arrival of the crocus, the woodpecker lets me know winter is fading. And it's never soon enough for me.


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