Disinfect pots before starting seeds

Written by Doug Oster on .

03-16-41 tiny-lettuce 420aThese little lettuce seedling will be able to survive outside some time next month. Photo by Doug Oster

Some gardeners are already starting small seeds like begonias, impatiens and lettuce right now under lights.

But before you fill your containers with planting mix, it's a good idea to clean your flats and containers.

Soil borne diseases can easily winter over on the containers and other growing gear. Damping off is one of the problems seed starters often deal with. Seeds germinate fine, but then suddenly collapses. Clean containers will help prevent damping off and other issues.

I like to wash everything in a solution of 10 perecent bleach and 90 percent water.

I fill up a five gallon bucket with the solution and dunk everything in there.

It's too early to start most other seeds like tomatoes and peppers, I wait until mid-March through April for that.

St. Patrick's Day is the traditional day for planting peas. Here's an extreme close up of a pea seed germinating. I can't wait!





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