50 Ways to Kill a Slug

Written by Doug Oster on .

9780600608585I don't know how I missed this book when it first came out in 2003, but Sarah Ford's "50 Ways to Kill a Slug, Serious and Silly Ways to Kill or Outwit the Garden's Number One Enemy" is both informative and funny.

The book certainly covers the basics like bait and barriers, but explores other creative ways to dispatch the pests.

Liquefied mixtures of garlic, horseradish and other unpleasant ingredients are discussed along with the prospect of hand picking with chop sticks.

This is an easy fun read filled with wonderful illustrations.

At only $6.95, this cute little book would make a wonderful gift for any gardener.

Here's a post I wrote during the summer with my tips for dealing with slugs.

Slugs are ugly and hungry but as noted in this book, there are lots of ways to deal with them.

slug tomato 6 vertical  0207This slug was feasting on my tomatoes in mid-summer. Photo by Doug Oster



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