Get your dandelion seeds! Local nursery has them in stock

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blog dandy seedsI was surprised to see a packet of dandelion seeds at Chapon's Nursery in Baldwin. Photo by Doug OsterMost people hate dandelions. They go to extraordinary measures to eradicate the weed from their lawns and gardens. So why would a nursery like Chapon's Greenhouse in Baldwin carry dandelion seeds? Because they are wonderful.

Regular readers of this blog know that I love dandelions. They are the most nutritious plant on the planet. And talk about easy to grow...forget about it.

Even my radio partner Jessica Walliser scoffs at my penchant for growing the greens. But I've become infatuated with the slightly bitter flavor of the greens.

I've never seen the seeds at a nursery before and was excited to a packet at Chapon's from Hart's Seeds. They also have four different varieties of arugula, another one of my favorites.

These cultivated varieties of dandelions offer bigger leaves and less bitterness than their wild cousins.

The seeds can be started inside soon or out in the garden as soon as the soil can be worked. If the dirt sticks to the shovel, the garden soil is still too wet.

The season for picking wild dandelions begins at the end of February and can last most of the summer. The early greens are the best though. If the flower bud has emerged in the center of the plant, then it's too late to pick.

Let the plant go though its flowering cycle and then cut it to the ground. The emerging greens will be tender and less bitter, but not as good as the early spring greens.

Dandelions can be used raw in many dishes and pair well with red sauces and balsamic vinegar.

It's not crazy to plant dandelion seeds, give it a try and discover the wonder of our most hated weed.



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