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blog focal pointA focal point is an important part of any garden room. Photos by Doug Oster

I spent four days in Florida with my family for a little break from the weather and I wish I was still there.

There was a long meandering trail along a lake near our hotel. A Great Blue Heron fished in the shallows along with other birds.

At the end of the walkway was a gazebo with a beautiful planter in the center.

It's a great example of a garden focal point. It's something that catches the eye and calls you to the space. Along the way, there's always lots to see, but the focal point keeps calling.

It doesn't have to be a gazebo or a planter, it might be a statue, tall plant or just about anything else.

Sometimes gardens can be created like rooms, at least that's how I often look at them.

I like to put a focal point in each room. In one it's a birdbath, another a tall pedestal with planter and another is a big statue.

This is a great time to look at those garden rooms when they are naked. Where's the focal point in your gardens?

Have fun, look at gardens online and see how you can plan for the upcoming season.

Here's one more picture from Florida, that balloon is quite a statement, quite a focal point.

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