Fresh eggs mean the days are getting longer

Written by Doug Oster on .

blog days longer eggsYou know the days are getting longer when the hens start laying. Photos by Doug Oster

I have three hens and a rooster, and the hens took the winter off from laying.

As soon as the days get longer they start producing again.

Every thought about raising chickens, it's easy.

Giving them food, water and the right kind of shelter will make them thrive.

The eggs are amazing. I like knowing where they came from too.

One of the benefits to chickens is what they make as fertilizer. When I clean out the coup, I compost the chicken waste for a year and then use it on the garden.

I dreamed of having chickens my whole adult life and finally tried my hand as a gentleman farmer.

These are city chickens, so they have names. You can't eat anything with a name, so besides the eggs and the manure, what's great about them?

They are beautiful to watch, make calming cooing sounds and they will eat scratch (feed) right out of you hand.

Check with your local government, most municipalities have some statute allowing chickens.

They are just plain fun to raise.

You don't have to start from chicks, some places sell pullets which are almost ready to lay.

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens is a great learning tool for beginners.

blog 131 chickensChickens can be bought as pullets, just about ready to lay eggs.


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