Snowdrops are blooming! Offical start to the season.

Written by Doug Oster on .

There can be no better sight in the garden than snowdrops beginning to bloom.

I'm surprised to see them this early. Last year they bloomed on January 15th, but it was much warmer. I guess the thaw we had last week forced them into bloom.

For me, this officially starts the garden season. I don't care about the frigid temperatures to come or the blankets of snow...something has bloomed! Oh, something has bloomed!

I laid on the cold stone of my front walk to photograph these beauties. The funny thing about snowdrops, if they bloomed in July no one would care, but since they bloom now, all alone, they are the stars of the garden.

These are planted close to the house, so they get that added heat from the brick.

Welcome snowdrops, it's great to see you again.

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